CH19 Kimberlite

CH-19 Kimberlite

This kimberlite was found via surface prospecting during the 2010 summer exploration season.
Caustic results have determined this kimberlite to be diamondiferous.

Results were included in this press release -- Nov. 25, 2010


"As reported on July 19, 2010, CH-19, CH-21 and CH-23 were discovered by prospecting, and in all three cases abundant magmatic kimberlite boulders and cobbles were found at surface associated with kimberlite-type geophysical anomalies."

In a 188.5 kg sample, this kimberlite contained 1 single stone that sat on the 0.15 sieve.
That 1 stone means that this kimberlite is not barren and probably brings into question weather CH-14 is truly barren and CH-19 was lucky to hit just 1 stone or not.

Might have further work to determine if this kimberlite has multiple phases, but otherwise will sit on the backburner with no further testing at this point.

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