CH66 Kimberlite

CH-66 kimberlite was announced on November 19th, 2013.
Here is the original press release -- Chidliak CH66

"At CH-66, abundant kimberlite float was found associated with a circular magnetic high anomaly with an estimated surface expression of 0.5 hectares as determined by ground geophysics."

I believe this was one of the few kimberlites found when De Beers Canada spent the summer field program onsite evaluating and helping out Peregrine Diamonds. This was found by Surface Prospecting.

It doesn't look like any further work was completed on this kimberlite.

I suspect  the heli RC drill rig will be used to poke a hole into this kimberlite body.

Possibly the  spring/summer of 2015 as they do have some money targeted for free flow expenditures.

Outlook - No idea where this kimberlite body can't really comment on this kimberlite, other then saying it still has potential.

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