How to invest in Chidliak?

How can you invest in Chidliak?

Peregrine Diamonds holds 100% ownership of Chidliak and the adjacent Qilaq (3 kimberlites). There is no royalty attached to either of these sites.

Peregrine Diamonds is a Canadian listed company and there are 3 ways to invest in the stock of Peregrine Diamonds:

1 - On the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol PGD
2 - On the United States OTC Exchange under the symbol PGDIF
3 - In Europe - On the Munich or Frankfurt Exchange under the symbol PD4

Indirect avenues:

Email direct to Peregrine Diamonds and ask them - or

Mutual Funds:

AGF** Investments hosts several mutual funds.
2 of these funds hold Peregrine Diamond shares (currently)

AGF Precious Metals Funds
AGF other

Smith and Williamson Funds** - Global Gold and Resources Fund

Look for Portfolio Manager Ani Markova

Quotes on the Frankfurt Exchange on PD4 - Frankfurt Peregrine Diamonds Quote

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