Q2 Kimberlite (PHASE 5)

Q-2 Kimberlite

This kimberlite is another kimberlite found on the adjacent Qilaq property.

This was discovered during the 2010 field season by surface prospecting.

Discovery news release - Aug 5 2010


"The Q2 kimberlite is located approximately four kilometres south of the Q1 kimberlite and outside of the 2010 airborne geophysical survey. Q2 was discovered through the identification of kimberlite boulders by a field crew that was collecting a follow-up till sample. Subsequent prospecting led to the discovery of two kimberlite outcrops within a surface depression that is more than 80 metres in diameter. At least two phases of kimberlite were identified. One phase is described as being magmatic without limestone xenoliths and the other phase has coarser grained olivine and KIMs and contains limestone xenoliths. Both phases contain olivine, picroilmenite, pyrope garnet and chrome diopside macrocrysts."

Images (pages 4,5,6) -- Images PDF

Caustic results -- Oct 6 2010

A 241.5 kg sample yielded 253 diamonds and one on the 1.18 sieve. A 0.05 carat diamond.
"The diamond in the Q2 sample that is larger than the 1.180 mm sieve size is classified by the SRC as a 0.05 carat white/colourless, transparent distorted crystal."

Images 2 (pages 6,7,8)-- Images 2 PDF

The caustics are significant enough to warrant more work in the future. An implied grade of 20 cpht and the surface outcrop is enough to get a small bulk sample completed once full mining at Chidliak is happening. Of note, there are 2 distinct phases. The surface samples were probably a mixture of both. One phase may end up with higher grade than the other.

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